The Delta Amateur Radio Club's oldest repeater has recently moved to a new home.   The landlord is the same, just a new location.  We are fortunate to have tremendous support from the folks at Clear Channel Television who are the operators of our local UHF TV stations WPTY (ABC Ch. 24) and WLMT
(UPN Ch. 30).  They have graciously provided tower space for the "82" machine for several years in support of the club's continuing efforts to help the community in times of disaster and/or public service events.

Recently Clear Channel Television built a new 1200 ft. tower about 5 miles North of the old tower site and is again providing space for our repeater at the 500 ft. level on the West side of the tower.  Thank goodness this tower is big enough (12 ft. sides) that it has an elevator in it.  That beats climbing any day.  We would like to thank Clear Channel Television's management for their continued support of Delta Club in it's efforts to provide a premium repeater for the Mid-South area.  The coverage is so good that the National Weather Service asked the club's permission to use this repeater as the primary frequency for the local Skywarn program to use.  The Mid-South Skywarn program covers 57 counties in parts of four states and while the "82" machine can't cover all of the area, it sure covers a large portion of it.

Below you'll find a few pictures of a recent trip to the site for some antenna repair work.  We will add more photos as they become available.

This is a shot from the road leading to the site.  It's hard to make out the guy wires in
this photo but if you can see the microwave dishes on the left side about 1/3 of the way up,
the "82" antenna is just a little above them.

A few club members discussing the day's work ahead of them.  This is obviously the base
of the tower with the stairs leading to the elevator.  The horizontal structure from the tower
to the left side of the photo is the ice bridge that protects all the feedlines from falling ice in
the winter months.  The two large shiny tubes going up the tower on the left side are the
wave guides (feedline) for the TV transmitters.  One is for Ch. 24 and the other is Ch. 30.

This is a little closer look at the elevator.  You can see the dark bottom of it on the right
side and just above the top platform.  The elevator can be operated by the person inside or
by someone at the master control on the ground.  There is two way communication between
the master box and the elevator if needed.  When controlled from within the elevator, all
control functions are done with low power radio, look ma' no wires!

A similar photo as above, but this one gives you a little better perspective of just
how tall this rascal is.  See the microwave dish on the right side?   It looks like it's
just above the first guy wire but this angle is misleading.  The "82" antenna is about
100 ft. above that dish.

A few of the crew on the antenna repair project get a few things together to start work.
Shown left to right are Ben, KU4AW - Tommy, KD4TJO - Mike, KG4IBU (foreground)
Tim, AB4NH (blue hat behind Mike) and David, KF4PFY

These photos courtesy of Ben, KU4AW

More photos of this site including the repeater itself will hopefully be posted soon.

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