This view is looking toward the NW from 500' above ground level.  In the center of the photo
is the 146.82 W4BS repeater antenna

Same view as above but in a vertical format


A closeup view of the antenna mount looking a little more toward the West.  The white PVC pipe is used
as a support for the feedline from the antenna to the heliax connection

This is a real closeup of the mount looking back toward the NW again.  You can see one of the tower guy
cables in the background

This is the weatherproofed connection from the smaller antenna feedline pigtail to the 1-5/8" heliax.
The heliax is a single, unspliced piece with a length of 700' which goes from here to just outside the equipment room.
The last 30 feet is done with Belden 9913 with a PolyPhaser lighting arrestor at the junction point.

This shot gives you a view of the elevator cage (right) and one of the tower legs (left) with the heliax coming up
to the antenna with a grounding clamp just below the orange spot on the heliax

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