Delta Amateur Radio Club

2009 Officers & Board of Directors

Hugh Wardlaw, WB4SLI  - President

Hugh is serving his second year as President of the club after serving as Treasurer in 2007.  Hugh was first licensed in 1969.  He is actively involved in Boy Scouts.  He is married and has two sons, both of whom are Eagle Scouts.  Hugh enjoys operating VHF FM to keep in touch with friends locally and is active on the HF bands as well.  He is a web-based application developer for FedEx.  In other words, he writes systems that can be accessed with a web browser.  You can catch him in the mornings and evenings in his commute on the club repeater.  Other times he can be heard checking into the Tennessee Section Phone Net at 3980 khz..  You can contact Hugh via email from here.

Richard Webb, NF5B -
Vice President

Richard was first introduced to amateur radio at the Iowa School for the Blind in Vinton.  The local ham club had it's club station at the school so that students who were licensed operators could operate from school.  Some students even got a parent licensed so they could communicate back home, since they'd be away at school all week and separated from their families.

The school had a good selection of gear, from a Collins KWM-2 with an ElectroVoice mike for general ham and up, a Globe Scout paired with a National general coverage receiver for the novice station, and even 2 meter AM for the techs back in those days.

For antennas, a tri-bander on the bell tower four stories in the air and dipoles for 80 and 40 meters.  This station was in the basement of the boys dormitory building and needless to say, Richard's been hooked ever since.

Richard says..."My lifelong addiction to ham radio makes me think about what ham radio really means.  As compensation for getting these frequencies to play with, we're supposed to give something back.  As part of giving back, my XYL KC0HZU and I stayed through Hurricane Katrina and University Hospital in New Orleans to assist the patients and staff until they could be evacuated.  I thank the members of Delta Club for giving me an opportunity to give back some more as a club officer."  You can email Richard with this link.

Steve Smith, KI4YOP
- Secretary

Steve is serving his first year on the Board as Secretary. He has been a licensed amateur radio operator and an active member of the Delta Club since 2007. Steve currently holds a General Class license and is also an active member of ARES. Both he and his wife Rosalinda, KI4ZKW enjoy participating in many of the public service events.  You can contact Steve via email here.

Bill Stevens, KI4TQA - Treasurer

Bill's is serving as Treasurer for his second term in 2009.  Bill became a ham in 2007.  Continuing his classes with the Delta Club, he earned General in March 2007 and Extra in March 2008.  Bill received Delta Club's New Ham of the Year award in 2007.  He enjoys public service events and special event operations such as Field Day, MARS Armed Forces Day Cross-band Exercise and the September VHF/UHF Contest from Mt. Nebo, AR.  He assists the Director of Training as an Elmer and facilitator for many of the classes Delta Club has given over the last two years.  Bill is an FCC VE for both ARRL and WCARS.  You can hear him mostly on 220 and 900 MHz.  Bill is active in ARES and is the lead ham volunteer at Baptist Hospital Collierville.  If you need to email Bill, you can do so with this link.

Joe Lowenthal, WA4OVO - Director of Training

After another very successful year as Director of Training in 2008, Joe is still fired up and ready to bring many more people into the hobby and, hopefully, as Delta Club members in 2009.  Joe has been licensed and a Delta Club member since 1976, and is a Delta Club Life Member.  He is married to Beverly Rauch, W4BBJ. Joe received Delta Club Ham of the Year in 2007. He is an Extra Class operator and was Delta Club's point of contact and ARRL's primary organizer for the ARRL 2005 Toy Drive warehouse for Katrina refugee children.  He is an ARRL VE, as well as a WCARS VE for FCC license testing, and ARRL Emergency Communications Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 volunteer examiner. He actively participates in public service events and in ARES as Shelby County Assistant EC for Hospital-Ham Radio Coordination.  Joe was Shelby County EC in 1983, and ham radio coordinator for Memphis area Skywarn from 1976 to 1982. You can contact Joe via email from here.

Roger Schlichter, KI4AJH - Director of Publications

Roger is serving in his second year as our Director of Publications.  He's been an amateur since May 2003 and currently holds an Extra class license.  Roger took an interest in public service communications almost immediately upon receiving his first license and is always there when a public service event is done.  You can contact Roger by clicking the link here.

Alan Anderson, KJ4BIX - Director of Programs

Alan is serving his first year as Director of Programs.  He holds an Extra Class license and has been a ham since January 2008.  Alan is an electrical engineer and enjoys operating mobile.  He has an Icom IC-7000 with a Tarheel 200-HP antenna.  RF power comes from two 2-500Zs for the amplifier.  He can operate mobile with full legal power using an auxilliary 200 amp alternator.  You may email Allen directly by clicking here.

Wayne Monte, KI4TLB - Director of Meetings and Special Events

Wayne is serving his first year on the board.  He was born in Lafayette, LA and joined the Army upon graduation from high school in 1971 where he received training in cartographic drafting.  After leaving the Army, Wayne returned home to Lafayette, married his wife Edith and they now have one 17 year old son.   In 2003, Wayne moved his family to Bartlett, TN to begin work with Ideal Steel as a drafter of metal buildings.  Through their friendship with Jim and Ann Cissell, Wayne discovered the world of amateur radio.  Wayne studied and received his Technician license in February of 2007 and went on to earn his General class licence in June of the same year.  Wayne and his family attend the Church of the Nativity in Bartlett.  You can contact Wayne via email by clicking this link.

Darrell Sheffield, KK4D - W4BS Repeater Trustee

Darrell just served his second term as Vice-President in 2008 after serving two consecutive terms as President in 2006-2007.  He previously served as VP in 2005.  He is a Major with the Memphis Police Department and has been an amateur operator since 1993 and now holds an Extra Class license.  After being inactive for a few years, Darrell and his family have gotten back active in the hobby and especially in Delta Club.  Darrell is active in public service events and working the HF bands. Contact Darrell via e-mail by clicking here.

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