Delta Amateur Radio Club

2016 Officers & Board of Directors

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Ken Laseter, KI4AOH
– President

Ken is serving his first year as President of the Delta Club. He previously served as Director of Publications from 2011 through 2014. He has been a licensed amateur radio operator since 2003 and an active member of the Delta Club since 2005. He earned his General license in 2008 and his Extra Class license in March 2009. Ken is a Volunteer Examiner (VE) with ARRL and WCARS. He is a graduate of Collierville’s first Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) class. He served as Chairman of the Collierville CERT Development Committee in 2006 and 2007 and is currently a CERT Instructor. Ken actively participates in public service events, is a member of ARES, and is a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer for the Shelby County Health Department. He is married to Linda, KJ4CTX. You can contact Ken by phone at 901-487-9103 and via email at or by clicking this link.

Michael Knight, KK4IOH - Vice President

Michael is serving his third term as Vice President. He received the 2013 Delta Club Ham of the Year award. He helps with many area repeaters. Michael operates the Allstar and EchoLink nodes on the 145.450 repeater downtown. He is active in several area groups and holds board positions with the Memphis Digital Amateur Club, Tri-State Repeater Association and HamWAN Memphis Metro. Michael says he had always had the bug. As a youngster he carried a transistor radio around and as a teen he was an avid DX’er of FM & OTA TV. He was lucky to have been able to occasionally watch the engineer of WROX AM work on the station’s equipment. Michael was hired at an FM station at age 15 and continued working in radio for several stations and ending this career as Operations Manager for WVIM FM a decade later. There were maybe five hams in his hometown of Clarksdale, MS so he got a late start into ham radio. Fast forward to the Spring of 2012; Michael was eating a Gyro on the patio of a restaurant and met a ham. The conversation led him to studying and taking the Tech test. Michael went to FreeFest that April and got his license. He doesn't know the ham’s name or call sign, but sure wishes he did. You can contact Michael by email at or by clicking this link

Barri Munday, WB4SWP – Secretary

Barri is serving her second year as Secretary for the Delta Club.  She earned her Technician license in 2012.  Her father, Joe Munday, was a ham and she was able to get his old call.  Barri upgraded to General in 2014.  She is also a member of ARRL, MARA and ARES.  Barri is an instructor for the Germantown CERT team along with Bill Stevens WC9S who got her interested in becoming a ham.  She received a BA in psychology from the University of Tennessee at Martin in 1978.  You can contact Barri via email at or by clicking this link.

Linda Laseter, KJ4CTX – Treasurer

This is Linda’s first year to serve as Treasurer for the Delta Club. She earned her Technician and General licenses in 2008 and upgraded to Extra Class in early 2009. She is a member of ARRL and is a FCC VE for both ARRL and WCARS. This is her fourth year to volunteer as HAM Communication Coordinator for the Memphis March of Dimes March for Babies. She is a graduate of the Collierville Community Response Team (CERT) training and was the Secretary for the Collierville CERT Development Committee in 2006 and 2007. Linda is also a volunteer for the Shelby County Medical Reserve Corp. Not only does she participate in public service events, but she is also an avid quilter and donates several quilts each year to Methodist Le Bonheur Germantown and the Regional Medical Center Neonatal Units through her quilting group. Linda holds a degree in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration and was a Medical Administrator/Accountant for twenty years before retiring in 2009. She is married to Ken KI4AOH. You may reach her at or by clicking this link.

Joe Lowenthal, WA4OVO - Director of Training

Joe received the ARRL Herb S. Brier 2012 Instructor of the Year award. He has been Director of Training for nine years. Joe has been instrumental in over 400 hams earning their Technician license. He is also the Delta Division Assistant Director for the Memphis area. Joe has been licensed and a Delta Club member since 1976 after receiving his Conditional Technician license. He upgraded to General in 2000. Joe earned his Extra Class license in 2002. He received the Delta Club Ham of the Year award in 2007 and 2015. Joe was ARRL's primary organizer for the ARRL 2005 Toy Drive warehouse for Katrina refugee children. He is an ARRL and WCARS VE for FCC testing and ARRL Emergency Communications volunteer examiner. Joe actively participates in public service events, and in ARES as Shelby County ARES Assistant EC for Hospital-Ham Radio Coordination. He is also a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer for the Shelby County Health Department. For the last ten years in September Joe has ventured to Mount Nebo (Arkansas) with a group for the VHF/UHF contest. In 2010 he got interested in amateur satellite communications using a handheld radio and Elk antenna. Joe was Shelby County Emergency Coordinator in 1983 and the ham radio coordinator for Memphis area National Weather Service Skywarn Net from 1976 to 1982. He is married to Beverly Rauch, W4BBJ. You can contact Joe via email at or by clicking this link

Dan Lasley, NE7JN - Director of Publications

The holder of an Extra Class license, Dan is serving his first term as Director of Publications in 2016. His interests in radio began as a kid learning electronics and listening to short wave stations. These interests led to a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering degree and a Master's degree in computer science.  His 44 year career included hardware design and programming, working on two Xerox Sigma 9 mainframes at Memphis State University (now UofM), and twenty-five years of systems engineering and systems administration experience with various flavors of Unix and Linux.  Dan actively participates in ham-related public service events, and he has assisted the Director of Training as an Elmer for several classes.  2016 brings not only the position of the Delta club's Director of Publications but also a position on the board of directors of the Mid-South Amateur Radio Association (MARA) as well as the position of club historian for the Nashoba Amateur Radio Club (NAMRAC). He is usually on 40 meters in the morning with several Delta club members and other friends in five states.Dan has earned the mixed-band Worked All States (WAS) award and is aggressively pursuing DXCC and five-band WAS.  His biggest surprise in becoming a ham is the discovery of the amazing camaraderie and generosity among the members of the amateur radio community and he is especially grateful to his Elmers, Jim, KI4I, and Jerry, W4TIL, for their help and encouragement.You may contact Dan via email at or by clicking this link.

Jim Cissell, KI4I - Director of Programs

This is Jim's second year as Director of Programs. He earned his Novice ticket, WN4UFF in1975 by attending the MARA classes held at CBU.  Jim had the Novice ticket for about eight months and became a CW enthusiast. So, he went from Novice to General 1976 since the Technician license excluded the HF CW privileges. (It was a strange rule that was later corrected to allow upgrading hams the privileges of lower class licenses.)  He started having fun with it...eventually going mobile CW. His wife, Ann, WB4FAA, gave him her blessing to get rid of Jim’s old tube-type novice transmitters and Drake R-4 receiver and bought a then new Kenwood TS-520 transceiver.  Jim even used it for voice.  He held an Advanced Class license for two years and went for Extra Class in 1978 when it seemed that "everyone was doing it." The KI4I call arrived in January of '79.  Jim was president of the Mid South VHF Association and Raleigh Amateur Radio Club for a couple terms each. He is a graduate of the Bailey Technical School for auto and diesel mechanics, which is located in St. Louis.  He then enlisted for a five-year tour in the Navy Seabees where he got his first exposure to ham radio at the MARS stations.  Jim was medevaced from Gitmo, Cuba to Millington, TN to recover from a broken foot as a result of a car accident on his second liberty trip to Jamaica.  That's his war story.  He eventually used his G.I. benefits to get his AAS in electronic technology from State Tech Memphis, where the good teachers finally made ohms law understandable.  Most of his working career was spent keeping equipment going for the Morale Welfare and Recreation Department at Navy Memphis.  Since retiring from civil service in 2003 Jim has had more time to keep regular schedules with his ham friends around the country. He is usually on 40 meters in the morning. You can contact Jim via email at or by clicking this link.

Steve Frazier KK4VPT – Director of Meetings and Special Events

This is Steve's first year on the Board of Directors. He earned his Technician license in 2013 and his General license in 2015. Steve received the Delta Club 2014 New Ham of the Year award for working many of Delta Club's public service events. Steve is a graduate of the University of Tennessee Knoxville with a degree in Transportation / Logistics. You can contact Steve via email at or by clicking this link.

Bill Stevens, WC9S – W4BS Repeater Trustee

Bill is serving his eighth term on the board in the past nine years after taking a year off in 2010. He previously served as Treasurer in 2008 and 2009, and Secretary in 2011. Bill has been a licensed amateur radio operator and an active member of the Delta Club since March 2007 after attending Tech Class 2-07. He earned his General Class license in April 2007 and his Extra Class license in January 2008. Bill was the recipient of the Delta Club's New Ham of the Year award in 2007 and Ham of the Year in 2011. Bill has been an Elmer in the Technician and General Class training classes for seven years. He enjoys public service events, slow scan TV, satellite communications and attending hamfests, including Dayton. Bill is an AMSAT member. He is a Medical Reserve Corps volunteer for the Shelby County Health Department and a ham volunteer at Methodist Germantown Hospital. Bill is active in ARES and is a trained CERT instructor for Germantown and CERT Plus. He is also a member of the City of Germantown Fire Department FAST team. You can contact Bill via email at or by clicking this link.

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