Memphis Area
Repeater Frequencies
Courtesy of Peter Baskind, N4LI

DARC Disclaimer:
As with any piece of electronic equipment and given Murphy's Law, any of the following repeaters could be out of service at any given time.  Delta Amateur Radio Club provides this information as a public service but at the same time provides no guarantee to the operation or performance of the following listed repeaters. 

Active Memphis-area Amateur Radio Repeaters

This document attempts to compile a working directory of all active repeaters serving all or much of the Shelby County area.  Keeping an active list could aid in times of genuine emergency, eliminating lost time using machines limited in coverage, or attempting use of machines off-air completely.

While all repeaters listed are assumed “open” unless otherwise stated, listing is not meant to imply permission to use those machines.  Contact repeater owners for more information.

This is a working and evolving document, intended to be updated regularly.  Additions, corrections, and amplifications are welcome and needed.

This list may be reproduced and used in any non-commercial manner.  Author reserves all commercial rights.

10 meters

There are currently no active machines in Shelby County, but there are two frequency pairs coordinated.  There is no word as to whether either will be constructed anytime soon.  Several signals are available, however, via Es and F2 skywave, conditions permitting.

6 meters

53.01(-)/Memphis.  This machine, operated by the Tri-State group, is located atop Clark Tower.  It has a good general coverage, but is occasionally troubled by some minor receive issues.  It is currently the only 6-meter machine in the area.  Net is Wednesdays at 8:30pm.  No PL Required.

2 meters

145.110(-)/Moscow.  Located atop a water tower in Moscow, the 110 machine has a nice signal in much of Fayette County and Eastern Shelby County.  It may be useful for communications between Memphis and Somerville.  This repeater is not heavily used.  Plans are to connect this repeater with the WTARS linked system soon.[1]  107.2 tone required.


145.130(-)/Memphis.  Located in Northeastern Memphis, this repeater covers much of Shelby and Fayette Counties well.  This repeater is not heavily used.  .130 is the MedMERS primary repeater.   107.2 tone required.


145.270(-)/Walls.  This repeater has a surprisingly good signal even into Eastern Shelby County.  107.2 tone required.


145.330(-)/Collierville.  Located in the extreme Southeastern corner of Shelby County, this machine has nice coverage into Desoto, Marshal, and Fayette counties.  This repeater is not heavily used.  No tone required.


145.370(-)/Southaven.  From DeSoto County, this repeater also has a nice signal into much of Shelby County.  This repeater is not heavily used.  107.2 tone required.


145.410(-)/Collierville.  FedEx Club repeater.  Nice signal over much of the County, and well into Fayette.  There are a few people on this machine occasionally.  107.2 tone required.


145.450(-)/Southaven.  From DeSoto County, this Tri-State repeater also has a nice signal into much of Shelby County.  This relatively new repeater is not yet heavily used.  No tone required.


[146.470 Simplex/Mineral Wells].  This is a new simplex Echolink near the state line.  While the plant is modest, it seems to cover much of Shelby County well.  107.2 tone soon to be required.


146.730(-)/East Memphis.  Repeater is located above St. Francis Hospital, and has a very good coverage.  There are a few amateurs using this machine.  107.2 tone required.


146.820(-)/Brunswick.  This is the main Delta Club machine.  Located 500 feet up the channel 24 tower, it arguably has the best coverage in town, when working properly.  It has a very active group of users.  Net is nightly at 8:00.  107.2 tone required.


146.850(-)/East Memphis.  Tri-State machine located atop the Hilton at I-240 & Poplar.  It has an excellent coverage and has increasing use by local hams.  It has extensive weather information available.  No tone required.


146.880(-)/Memphis.  Tri-State machine with a split site.  Receive is above Clark Tower; Transmit is in Midtown above South College of Optometry.  It covers Shelby County well.  It is fairly active and is Echolink enabled.  No tone required.


146.910(-)/Hernando.  This machine is primarily used by DeSoto hams and is fairly busy, but still has a nice signal into much of Shelby County. No tone required.


146.940(-)/Oakland.  Tri-State machine located atop the Oakland water tower.  It has a very good coverage over Fayette County and the eastern half of Shelby.  It is Echolink enabled and is increasingly active. No tone required.


147.030(+)/Cordova.  MARA machine 150 feet up the WKNO tower.  It has a very nice coverage and has emergency power.  There is scattered activity on this repeater.  No tone required.


147.060(+)/East Memphis.  Nice overall coverage.  There is some activity, but some use the frequency as simplex and only use the repeater as a back-up.  No tone required.


147.090(+)/Memphis.  W4GMM machine, located near Central and Highland.  It has an excellent coverage over the County and has emergency power.  107.2 tone required.


147.150(+)/West Memphis.  Located across the river, this machine is best used in Western Shelby County.  It is Echolink equipped. 


147.180(+)/Memphis.  Tri-State machine.  Receiver is downtown on the First Tenn. Building; Transmit is on Southern College of Optometry.  Signal covers most of Shelby County, but is most reliable closer to the River.  Linked to Tri-State’s 224.78 machine.  No tone required.


147.330(+)/Covington.  Tipton ARC machine.  Has good coverage over Tipton County and Northern Shelby.  No tone required.


[147.360(+)/Memphis.]  This machine is temporarily down.  Delta Club machine located at Methodist North.  It is intended as a back-up for 146.820.  107.2 tone required.


1.25 meters

224.400(-)/Collierville.  Located in Collierville at about 100’, this machine covers eastern Shelby County, well into Fayette County, and Mississippi.  No tone required.


224.420(-)/Memphis.  This Delta Club machine is located at Methodist North Hospital.  This machine carries the bulk of the scant 222 activity in the area.


224.780(-)/Memphis.  This Tri-State machine is downtown.  It is linked to the 147.18 machine. 


70 cm

442.775(+)/Brunswick.  This repeater is located a few miles north of Wolfchase off Germantown Road.  At just above 100 feet, it covers from Midtown to Arlington reliably.  107.2 tone required.


443.100(+)/Cordova.  This “Megasystem” machine is a very good repeater in signal.  The little sister of 444.100, it is semi-private and the owners discourage non-members from heavy use.  107.2 tone required.


443.125(+)/Cordova.  Another Megasystem machine.  See comments above.


443.200(+)/Memphis.  This is the Delta Club UHF machine.  Located atop the Student Services Tower of University of Memphis, the machine’s best coverage is within the I-240 loop, although it does reach as far as Germantown reliably.  107.2 tone required.


443.300(+)/Collierville.  Very nice signal, covering deeply into Shelby County, and most of Fayette.  107.2 tone required.


443.625(+)/Collierville.  Transmitter is very close to Fayette County line.  Signal to the west is not quite as good as its sister, 443.300.  No tone required.


444.025(+)/Memphis.  This is a modest machine with a split site.  Receiver is near Poplar and Perkins, and transmitter is near Clark Tower.  Signal is best within I-240.  107.2 tone required.


444.075(+)/Memphis.  Le Bonheur Hospital Group machine.  Located downtown, one will occasionally hear emergency drill traffic on this repeater.  Signal is best west of Germantown.


444.100(+)/Cordova.  This is arguably the best UHF machine for many miles.  It is, however, semi-private and the owners discourage non-members from heavy use.  Expect to hear a good amount of use on this machine.  107.2 tone required.


444.125(+)/Cordova.  Another Megasystem machine.  See comments above.


444.300(+)/Byhalia.  Very nice signal into much of Shelby, especially to the east.  107.2 tone required.


444.400(+)/Memphis.  This Tri-State machine is one of the best open UHF repeaters in Shelby County.  It is co-located with the 146.850 machine atop the Hilton in East Memphis.  There is often conversation on the repeater in morning and afternoon drive time.  No tone required.


444.700(+)/Olive Branch.  Operated by Olive Branch ARC.  Not a huge signal.  107.2 tone required.


444.850(+)/Memphis.  Located near the old Mall of Memphis location, this UHF repeater covers much of the County, especially areas with 10 miles or so of the Airport.  It is little used.  107.2 tone required.


33 cm and above

There are currently no active machines.


[1] WTARS system covers much of Western Tennessee.  Transmitters include 145.430/Brownsville; 145.170/Bruceton; 146.775/Jackson; 147.075/McNairy; 145.290/Shiloh; 147.015/Union City.  All require 107.2 tone.  The system is also on 442.9/Jackson, which acts as the hub.  114.8 tone required.

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