Delta Amateur Radio Club
2015 Membership Information

Delta Club memberships follow the calendar year with all memberships expiring on December 31 of the current year.

Membership Renewal dues for an individual membership are now only $20.00. If you have a family membership, please add $5.00.

Get your 2015 Application Form Here - Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf Format

ARRL members receiving 1st FCC license grant through Delta Club test session or training class receive complimentary individual membership through remainder of that same calendar year.

New memberships are prorated according to when the application is submitted.  Prorated dues are as follows:

If you apply for membership....  

Note:  Unless you are only planning to be in the area for a few months and do not plan to be a member in the following year, most people would not use this last classification.  For NEW MEMBERS ONLY we offer a special membership option. For those new members that join the club during the months of October thru December, for the full $20.00 membership fee, you get the rest of the current year free and the dues are for the following calendar year.

Family memberships are available for an additional $5.00 and include all members of your immediate family that reside in your home, whether they are licensed amateurs or not.  (Sorry, no prorating on family membership dues)

Membership provides you with the following:

Full use of all W4BS repeaters
Full voting privileges on all club matters (Licensed Members Only)
The fellowship and comradery that is a part of being a member of Delta Amateur Radio Club

We would certainly like to have you become a member of our fine club and join in our efforts to serve the Mid-South community through amateur radio.  We offer our application form in the popular Adobe Acrobat Reader format.  You can download the application and print it out with the reader software.  If you don't have the software, you can download it FREE from the link at the bottom of this page.

Updated 07/06/15

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