Net Manager: Phil Fentress, AK4UE

Information Net

The Delta Club Information Net meets nightly, execpt for the second Tuesday of the month, at 8 p.m. on the 146.82- repeater in Memphis, TN.  It accepts announcements and amateur related swap shop items. (Items that are personally owned and possessed)  Prices are not allowed over the air, however interested parties may exchange other forms of contact such as phone numbers or e-mail addresses in order to negotiate price.  Check-ins are taken in three suffix groups, A-H, I-Q, R-Z.  If you are within range of the repeater, please consider checking in with us on the nets.  Anyone wishing to become a net control operator should contact the net manager and down load the current NCS Protocol document.  For a current copy of the Delta Club Net Preamble click here. 

Up until a few years ago, the club used to present Newsline for our local listeners on the Saturday evening net.  If you enjoyed Newsline and would like to listen to it on the web, we suggest that you visit the official Newsline website and follow the appropriate links there.  Their content is in MP3 format but if you'd rather listen in RealAudio, you can still hear it courtesy of TAPR, (Tuscon Amateur Packet Radio) by clicking here.  It you do not have RealAudio but would like to have it, you can get it FREE from the RealAudio Website.

Mid-South Skywarn Net

The Mid-South Skywarn Program is NOT a part of or under the direction of Delta Club, it's board of directors or members. The National Weather Service in Memphis has asked the club for permission to use the 146.82 W4BS repeater as the primary frequency for the Skywarn nets, therefore we chose to list it here.

Skywarn emergency nets may be held anytime a severe weather watch or warning is in effect for any county in the Memphis County Warning Area (CWA).  The nets are a pipeline for the National Weather Service to receive and pass Skywarn related information from/to weather spotters and other interested parties in the 56 county, 4 state CWA served by the NWS Memphis office.  The Skywarn callsign for NWS Memphis is WX4MEM.

For those people that wonder why there is not a net in progress when they think there should be, Skywarn nets are activated by the National Weather Service office and no one else.  When the lead forecaster feels that conditions are favorable for severe weather, or a watch or warning is issued for our area, they contact the Skywarn Coordinator and request that a net be started.  Nets also do not cease until the NWS feels that the danger has passed all of the CWA, and watches or warnings expire or are cancelled.

Last updated 04/06/15

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