Delta Amateur Radio Club
Repeater Operation, Information, Rules and Etiquette:


Always listen to the frequency before you start transmitting. If in doubt, then ask if the frequency is in use before you transmit.


Although the FCC has relaxed its rules somewhat, in this area, the Delta Club has elected to remain with the old policy of NO BUSINESS on the phone patch. When the FCC relaxed the autopatch rules, they also allowed for the individual club or organization to decide if they would relax their club rules or not. We have chosen not to.

It is the policy of the ARRL to safeguard the prerogative of amateurs to interconnect their stations, including repeaters, to the public telephone system. An important element of this defense is the encouraging of amateurs to maintain a high standard of legal and ethical conduct in their patching activities. It is to this end that the following guidelines are addressed. These guidelines are based upon local or regional basis throughout the country. The ideas they represent have widespread support within the amateur community. All amateurs are urged to observe these standards carefully so that, insofar as possible, our traditional freedom from government regulation may be preserved.

Courtesy Tones: This information has been approved by the Board of Directors. If you have any questions, comments or need to have any point clarified please contact anyone on the Board.

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